The Outspoken One

Jose Mourinho has never left much to the imagination.

The Portugese manager answers every question with a candid response, and only refuses to comment when he says his answer will get him in hot water.

The most outspoken manager in the game has, to the surprise of few, crossed another line before any of his contemporaries.

Everyone seems to have something to say about the FIFA corruption scandal except…everyone who plays or coaches within the organization.

Within the past 72 hours Mourinho has double dipped, speaking in the micro AND the macro, leveling complaints against the ultimately trivial FIFA Coach of the Year voting (do you remember who won it this year? Me neither), and waxing poetic about the cruelty perpetrated by pacifying the Irish FA with a massive bribe, ‘stadium loan’ after the handball heard round the world.

Mourinho told the Sunday Times that votes had been altered in favor of Euro winning Spain Coach Vicente Del Bosque the year The Special One torched Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona monster and recorded a record-breaking 100 points in La Liga. Why would FIFA prefer Del Bosque? There are a variety of reasons, but based on what we’ve seen, this seems to be the lowest of priorities for FIFA in their spree of nonpareil corruption.

He’s probably just bitter.

Then, for reasons that still boggle the minds of the footballing community, Mourinho became the unofficial spokesperson for dejected Irish football fans who learned over the past week that their Football Association decided being excluded from The World Cup finals was worth ₤5 million.

He’s probably just bored, which should make for an interesting summer. We certainly haven’t heard the last from the prolific manager on the subject.

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