Sterling still MIA from Liverpool training

For the second day in a row, Raheem Sterling has called in sick/refused to train/continued to act like a total diva.

Sterling’s relationship with Brendan Rodgers and Fenway Sports Group has been in tatters for months now, and we are simply waiting for the bitter end to this pathetic charade.

It is hard to believe that Sterling was once considered the future of Liverpool, the heir apparent to the departing Ballon D’or contender and serial biter, Luis Suarez.

When Sterling was complaining of exhaustion, Rodgers, in a completely unprecedented and utterly shocking move, allowed the diminutive Brit to take an impromptu vacation in the middle of the season.

Apparently, that decision, along with myriad tactical decisions meant to suit the youngster’s interest hasn’t engendered enough good will for him to not act like a petulant, entitled, greedy punk as he riles up the Anfield faithful who now want him gone.

He’ll be shipped off to Manchester City sooner or later, but he made sure to rub Liverpool in all the wrong ways first by, among other things, publicly stating his desire to play for hated rivals Manchester United.

Sterling may very well succeed at City, but his actions should serve as a cautionary tale for any young hot shot who doesn’t want to be viewed by the entire sporting community as a total [jerk].

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