Manchester United told to forget about Harry Kane yet again

Louis Van Gaal has made it no secret for the better part of eight months that he wants Harry Kane as his striker. Although the Dutchman is used to having his cake and eating it to, his arrogance is yet again getting in the way of business.

Spurs’ chairman Daniel Levy has been known not to fold despite the pressure, most infamously rejecting a bid in excess of £40M from Chelsea for Luka Modric.

Despite Levy’s track record, Van Gaal still believes he deserves special treatment and is refusing to cooperate with Tottenham over any potential intraclub deals because of how sore he is over the North Londoners’ firm stance on Kane.

LVG would be wise not to alienate a club notorious for supplying upgrades to English title contenders (see Berbatov, Dimitar), but the stubborn manager has never followed conventional wisdom…

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