End of an Era: St. Iker shown the door after 25 years in Madrid

Over the past quarter-century Iker Casillas has bagged every major trophy in Spain and in Europe. He has been named the best goalkeeper alive by FIFA voters a staggering seven times.

Recent years haven’t been kind to Madrid’s captain, infamously losing his starting job under Jose Mourinho’s stewardship and suffering from the rotation blues under his successor Carlo Ancelotti.

After spending his entire career between the posts for the biggest club in the world, St. Iker is done fighting.

His move to Porto signals the ushering in of a new era for Real Madrid, and expect Spain to follow suit in naming the prodigious and wiry compatriot David De Gea as Casillas’ successor.

The Bernabeu faithful have been tugging at their heart strings over the first season in a generation where their hero won’t be manning the net.

Conveniently, new manager (and perennial underperformer) Rafa Benitez has made the decision for them.

The writing was on the wall after Iker’s disasterous World Cup performance as he played a huge role in the reigning champion’s unceremonious exit in the group stages.

In the grand scheme of things this development is long overdue and could not be less shocking to those viewing from afar, but the most successful goalkeeper in the history of the world’s biggest club has finally left the organization which has been his home since he was just 16.

Ladies and gentleman, Iker Casillas has left the building. A much needed round of applause is needed – even from the Nou Camp – as he waves a symbolic goodbye.

It will take some time adjusting the brain to the site of a new keeper between the posts, but even when De Gea establishes himself, St. Iker will never be forgotten.

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