Paris Saint-Germain FC v FC Porto - UEFA Champions League

He goes by Zlatan

On Sunday night the best striker in the world scored a goal and got booked while playing against the greatest franchise in the history of French footie, St. Etienne.

Being the greatest striker in the world, as well as being a world class s*** talker, it seemed to be par for the course for the prolific and prickly Swede to record that stat line.

Being the greatest striker in the world, and being prickly might also lead you to be shocked that someone in this universe, let alone a player in your division, isn’t intimately familiar with…the greatest striker in the world.

Well that dubious distinction may or may not have belonged to Paul Baysee as he kept his poker face throughout his altercation with PSG’s #10.

Hilarity ensued:

He’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He’s won titles with Barcelona, AC Milan, Juventus, Internationale, PSG and Ajax. With his 12 titles, he has more silverware than Phil Jackson.

He does Insane things:

All the time:

Zlatan may never come to England, but he’s the best striker alive and he wants you to know. After all, he’s right.

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