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Pedro leaving Barca on a high note

The arrival of Neymar (and Luis Suarez) to the Catalan giants signaled the end of Pedro Eliezer Rodríguez Ledesma’s first team opportunities at FC Barcelona. The Spanish winger has been a mainstay throughout Spain’s international dynasty and was a regular fixture in Barcelona’s starting XI before the holy grail of attacking triumvirates arrived. Pedro’s departure seems best for both

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End of an Era: St. Iker shown the door after 25 years in Madrid

Over the past quarter-century Iker Casillas has bagged every major trophy in Spain and in Europe. He has been named the best goalkeeper alive by FIFA voters a staggering seven times. Recent years haven’t been kind to Madrid’s captain, infamously losing his starting job under Jose Mourinho’s stewardship and suffering from the rotation blues under

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Copa America 2015 Preview

Of all of FIFA’s major tournaments, Copa America may be the most underrated. Every four years CONMEBOL’s premier competition flies under the radar, with viewing confined to clandestine computer streams and practically unsearchable destinations in the deepest reaches of the cable galaxy. What most of the world is missing is a beautiful display of grit, unparalleled style

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