FA Cup Round 4 Preview

The English (British) FA Cup is one of THE must-see events in the world of sport. The beauty in the competition lies within the fact that everyone has a shot. All British clubs from the Premiership down to League 5 participate in the tournament, though the big dawgs of the Premiership do not join the

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Fear and Loathing in Manchester

“Transfer news this week sucks.” Yes, friend. I know. I have high hopes for those two fortnights in January where I can relive the summer excitement of hitting refresh roughly 4,000 times a day to find out if Ibrahimovic’s toenail will prevent him from moving to the premier league. Fans of the beautiful game have

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Messi Watch: He wouldn’t? Or would he…

Lionel Messi is, was, and (probably) will be the most defining player in the history of Barcelona. He may have already eclipsed Cruyff, depending on how long your memory span is. Messi, like Cruyff before him, could not be a more emblematic presence at the Nou Camp if he were from Catalonia. The Argentinian maestro,

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Luis, We Hardly Knew Ye

Sound the sirens. Luis Suarez is on the move…again. The Ajax prodigy turned Liverpool assassin set the premier league ablaze during his three and a half year tenure at Anfield that just wrapped last May. The mercurial Uruguayan was so prolific that the Kop had forgotten they had just unloaded their prize possession Fernando Torres

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The Emergence of England’s true Golden Generation

They won’t be making waves in France next summer, but the England faithful may have something bright on the horizon. The Three Lions failed to advance from group play for the first time in half a century during their calamitous Brazilian World Cup campaign. With the ‘Golden Generation’ having the dubious distinctions of missing Euro

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The Resurgence of Brendan Rodgers

You’ve heard the story before. An outsider slowly built a cult following by traveling throughout the motherland. His legend grew as he travelled from town to town. A journeyman with a rapid ascent finally reached mecca, only to be dismissed at the apex of his fame. Then three days later, all was well again. After

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Andres Schurrle

Andres Schurrle, the flu and his Chelsea Blues

“I scratch a hole in my head every time Andres Schurrle doesn’t start.” Those words came from a close friend and fellow contributor the other day. I, like many others, are inclined to agree. First things first, Schurrle’s natural playing position is Left Wing…which is currently occupied by some dude named Eden Hazard. You might

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Red Stars Rising

October 4, 2014 – the day the greatest striker in the world finally started his goal tally for the most decorated club in England. It didn’t take long after Radamel Falcao finally opened his account for the Red Devils that the fresh signing pledged his allegiance to the badge of Manchester United, ushering a plea

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